You love dogs and cats? You have some time over? Please don't hesitate and come to work with us. Your help is needed!


For the following work, we could use your help:

-Cleaning the Kennels;

-Cleaning the benches;

-Take care of the cats;

-Play with the kittens;

-Washing and brushing the dogs;

-Check the dogs for ticks;

-Walking the dogs;

-Ride to the veterinarian; 

-Help capture or retrieval a dog or cat who needs to be sterilized.


Please take notice that we put a lot time to explain and help you to do the work, so consider really carefully how long and how often you can come to help.

If you are interested in working with us, then you can contact us through Facebook or the contact form in this website. 


It is by no means the case that you have to do all these jobs on the list.

If you just want to come once a week and play with the kittens for an hour, or do some cleaning you are very welcome. The more hands the better. I can use your hands every day, mornings between 8 and 12. Just pick your moment and let me know.


Thanks a lot!




I need people with a car, who can help when there is a trapping going on, to check the traps or to take an animal to or from the vet, or back to their habitat.

Having a phonenumber I can call when I need help getting a cat or dog from A to B would make my work much easier.