We totally depend on donations, and that's why every help is welcome!

We (the doggies and the cats) are happy with every donation, no matter what amount. Every guilder counts. If you prefer to make a donation in kind, we are also very happy and grateful.


A list of supplies needed every day:

-Canned cat food

-Canned dog food.

-Chunks cat food (kibble)

-Kitten biscuits (Whiskas Kitten)

-Dry food for dogs (DogChow)

-Puppy food (DogChow)

-Cleaners are also more than welcome:


-All Purpose Cleaner

-Liquid abrasive


-Paper Towels

When you are going to leave the Island we are very grateful with cleaning attributes (buckets, sweepers, wipers, dustpan, etc).


Cages and Kennels

We are always looking for: cages and kennels: litterboxes. Do you have one that you are not using anymore, please donate it to HADOC. Also defective cages are welcome, sometimes we can make out of 3 defective cages, one good one.

Bank details:

ING (The Netherlands) BIC/SWIFT: INGBNL2A

IBAN: NL21SNSB0941867161 in the name of T. Hansates, Willemstad, citing HADOC

MCB (Curacao) 20679501 in the name of T. Hansates,  Postbus 3870, citing HADOC. 

You can always take contact with us through our Facebook page or with this contact form in this website. Don't hesitate to take contact, the dogs and cats are waiting for you!