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I was already a long time active in several animal welfare organisations. When I decided to establish HADOC I had already many contacts in the animal world. Even with the other foundations and associations, there was still a necessity for more help. In particular taking care of stray cats (nests), but also help with many other things:


- Transport to and from the vet with dogs and cats being sterilized at the expense of the Foundation for Animals;

- To pick up and bring out of deceased animals at people’s homes, especially during weekends;

- Give advice to people who have seen a dog or cat somewhere (in need of help) and don't know what to do;

- Feed and provide medical care for stray dogs in bad condition;

- Accidental care of dogs that have ended up on the street and can’t stay there;

- Provide help to catch and neuter stray cats, like lend benches and trap cages and sometimes day-care after a sterilization.


by adopt a cat, the sentence is missing or not correct through the contact form (By adopt a dog the sentence is good).